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ООО Скайрокет / Neosus 

Neosus is a company creating mobile apps that are loved by thousands of users all over the world. We’re a young team of enthusiasts who implements innovative technologies into handy apps in an effort to bring the smoothest user experience and make people’s lives easier. We work hard to improve our work processes, build winning company culture and develop only successful mobile businesses.

Why do people use Neosus apps? There are various purposes: to improve everyday business workflow; to beat paper clutter and go completely paperless; to communicate in foreign languages seamlessly, when travelling abroad on business trips or on vacation; to make their devices more personal as well as unique-looking and many others.

Neosus team follows a mission to deliver outstanding user experience and offers a broad selection of products to discover. We already have some great results we can brag about — our outstanding apps like Translate Me, Scan and Sign, Live Wallpapers and many others.

We are committed to excellence at every stage of app development, from planning to delivering only great results.


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